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Being A Package Thief As A Career

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Lately in the news there were so many stories of people literally walking up to people’s homes and stealing packages that have been left by the delivery companies. It’s amazing to see how bold people are in doing this as if it’s just a regular thing for the day. I then saw this video that was very funny and intriguing. Essentially a person had his packages stolen where he even had proof and brought it to the police. But according to his report the police didn’t think it would be worth their time.

He wanted to do something about it still as ultimately it’s the principles as well as the loss. So apparently this person studied mechanical engineering and went all out to create a package that would let out a bunch of glitter as well as a foul fart odor once the thief opens it. On top of this there was a sophisticated camera setup that would activate to record the entire ordeal and the thief’s reaction

I must say, it was pretty hilarious. I guess the first thing is the point of it was that you should be thief and steal people’s packages or this can happen to you. Would this actually discourage people from having an honest career instead? That I wouldn’t know. My other funny thought about this whole situation is how the person went so ridiculously overboard with his solution that it worked on so many levels. Sometimes it pays to have those crazy over the top invention ideas and just simply act on them.

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