Becoming A Consultant With A Failed Business

Becoming A Consultant With A Failed Business

This got me thinking as recently I saw a person listed as a real estate agent who I know ran a completely different business before. Nothing shocking about career changes, but I remember specifically for this individual their original business wasn’t doing very well and they couldn’t really get their customers a lot of exposure such as other big companies could. Therefore, they closed shop.

However, on top of being areal estate agent apparently the person does consulting for the people in the same industry that they weren’t successful in. It was at hundreds of dollars an hour too which you would normally expect from people who have some kind of success to back up that rate. It shows you that when it comes to that line of services not many people will do a through research on the consultant as people are often just desperate to get some guidance.

In some ways it shows you why get rich quick courses that cost thousands of dollars sell even if the person who created the course never even made a lot of money running some kind of business beforehand. As well, I guess it sure shows on how branding marketing oneself when providing a service can mean more than actual credentials in a lot of cases which is kind of scary.

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