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BC Windstorm

Wow was it ever windy today. I think it started at around 2:30am as the winds out here were just vicious. It knocked out the power in my whole block and you could even feel the house rumble by a little at times. Too bad it was too dark for me to take video clips as my digital camcorder isn’t that great without a light source (Maybe it’s time to upgrade). It was so windy that outside you could see what looked like a thunder and lightning storm when really it was the power lines going haywire. I did manage to sleep through the night afterwards as I figured it wasn’t going to be that bad.

When I woke up, the power was still gone from my entire block and outside there were a lot of branches along with some fences being completely knocked over. When I went to downtown Vancouver, it didn’t seem too bad except some trees did fall over. After reading the news, apparently the wind speeds were going over 157 kilometres an hour. It’s all over now and fortunately it doesn’t seem like anything extremely bad happened as a result of this aside from some minor nuisance like the traffic jams.

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