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Basing Quality On The Initial Price tag

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As mentioned earlier this year, one of the things I was thinking of doing was learning a new language.  That naturally made me look at options such as attending classes and even software products.  When it comes to software there seems to be such a high price difference between the cheaper and more expensive products.  The best example are those Roesetta Stone products that cost like $500.

While at a store I saw this generic brand that specifically wrote “As good as the Rosetta Stone” and it was like a $20 piece of software.  Honestly, in these situations I initially assume the more expensive must be superior in some way as how else can the price tag be so significantly higher?  Then again, I should know better as I know things like cables and sunglasses are usually all marketing where companies force retailers to sell at a high price to maintain a certain prestige.

There are even cases where if companies sell certain items for less the vendors would then strip them of the rights to sell it.  Either way, more research time for me before making a decision.

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