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Basic Things Like Air Quality That Stops People’s Day

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Today I was told of a person who had to cancel some plans for the day as the air quality wasn’t very good due to some forest fires. You could definitely see the smog throughout the sky. Apparently he has trouble breathing during regular circumstances and so this probably wouldn’t be a good idea for him. It kind of made me think how something so basic such as the air quality can pretty much change your plan for the days and is not something we really plan for.

How would you even plan for things like this? It’s not exactly common or normal to like say walk around with some kind of portable fresh air or anything either. Would you just simply treat this as like say a snow day where you simply back away from nature for a bit until things get better? Or would you actually plan for just such an occasion to prevent downtimes?

For here anyways it’s just not a common enough scenario for people to prepare for it on any given day. The only thing I could really think of is have a wide variety of people in your network because everyone can handle situations like these differently and can be your replacement of sort. In that sense you don’t need to be perfect in every condition as long as you know where to get the help you need. Almost like being able to leverage your time I suppose too.

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