Barely Saving Anything With A No Tax Sale

Barely Saving Anything With A No Tax Sale

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I was at a supermarket today and there were signs plastered everywhere that the store was having a no tax day sale. For myself I was mainly there to simply buy some groceries as usual. The funny thing was on the receipt it tells you how much money you have saved as a result of the sale. For my purchases I saved a whopping fifteen cents for about twenty dollars worth of purchases. The reason for this was petty simple as grocery items for the most part aren’t tax applicable normally. So basically you aren’t saving anything.

It was kind of humorous though as you could clearly see that people were trying to buy more as a result of these signs being plastered everywhere. I suppose many times we simply rely on the store signs to tell us that we are saving money even though that may not be the case huh? In fairness though this kind of sale is probably decent if you are shopping for other things like electronics or appliances. Especially if they are within the four figure range. Kind of a smart way to get people to spend more money though I must say.

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