Barber Shop COVID-19 Service Fee Increase Until People Don’t Pay Test

Barber Shop COVID-19 Service Fee Increase Until People Don’t Pay Test

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There were a ton of shops that re-opened for business today and one of them that seemed to be in huge demand was barber shops. You could see people were lining up as if there was a new release and adjustments were made such as people having to wait outside while wearing masks inside. That was expected as it has been awhile since a lot of people have gotten a haircut. Or if they have there seems to be a lot of horror stories on how it turned out through self-service means.

I did expect to see various places increase their prices. But one place got my attention where when I first passed by you could clearly see all their old signs of saying $18 a haircut had been changed to $22 a haircut. As I went by the place again later in the evening you can now see they have a new sign that says a haircut is now $27. It would appear that the demand is so high that they figure they should raise their rates.

It’s a strategy I have seen before where you continuously price your service higher until you see that people don’t want to pay those rates where you would then drop it to something lower. Supply and demand I guess you can say. It can be kind of risky too where for people that normally go to you will now have incentive to look elsewhere. If they end up finding a service that is just as good for the price they could now end up being another company’s frequent customer.

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