Bad Finance Habit of Using Most Instead of All That You Paid For
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Bad Finance Habit of Using Most Instead of All That You Paid For

This was actually the second day of a class that is scheduled to last for eight session where on the first day there was a lot of people. Today though there were a bunch of people missing where the instructor joked that they all must have went to the beach or something. The program wasn’t that expensive where it works out to about $20 a day. I was thinking because of that maybe people decided it is small enough where there is no big loss if they miss a day.

That actually happens a lot whenever people sign up for classes or events that go on for a few days. Do you ever reflect on how much money you waste each year by doing something like that? If the course was about $100 a day as an example I would bet that most people would make sure to attend them all. I was trying to think of other common things we do this for too where interestingly enough food was what came to mind. For example, paying for a meal where people think it is cheap enough to the point where throwing it away is nothing.

I think for myself what helped me to avoid this bad habit is just by keeping in tune with my finances such as simply looking at how much money you have saved up. To me anyways this constantly challenges me to want to do things to grow it further. With that being wasteful is essentially throwing away money that stops you from making that savings total as a whole even bigger. Almost like building a tower where it gives you motivation to keep doing the right thing. It’s funny when I think about it on how simple of a solution there is to stuff like this too.

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