Back Up Partners And Suppliers

Back Up Partners And Suppliers

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I was reading an interesting message today about a hosting company who had to change its entire operations all of a sudden as one of its partners appeared have grown so big that they decided to venture out on their own. As you can imagine that is a big blow for them. It didn’t help as well that it seemed like they revolved their entire operations around them with the intent of running the business like that forever.

I guess as this example showed, many times when people grow big enough there are high chances that they will simply branch off as they see more money elsewhere. Better to start planning when you are in a good position as opposed to scrambling during the time of the incident. You might argue that finding backup means you have no faith in the partnerships that you have now, but if the bottom line is if the partnership was established based on money then don’t be surprised if for that same reason it ends when one side sees the potential to earn more.

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