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Avoiding Regular Priced Items On Sales Events

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Today was Boxing Day and while I didn’t really have anything to buy I knew a person who wanted a new home phone with a built in answering machine. So I decided to keep a lookout for anything good that may be on sale. While visiting various stores I saw a bunch of phones on sale that seemed like a good price, but none of them had answering machine features built in. When I did see a phone with all the features the thing was the item wasn’t on sale.

So as you can imagine since I wanted to try and find something good for the person where they weren’t in a rush I really wanted to find a good price for it. Paying the full regular retail price just seemed wrong for a day where everything is supposed to be on sale per se. This is usually a reaction that I see where people go to a shop where they wanted to buy something they needed that was on sale. When they don’t see any of the items they need exactly on sale they opt to get the regular priced ones.

Unless you truly need it right away I would say it’s better to develop the habit of just leaving the store and waiting for sale. I usually have the same habit for most other things as a well. For example, if you felt like potentially snacking on something where the price is just ridiculous I would just pass or keep looking until there is a good deal to be found. If you truly don’t need it now then patience can do wonders ion every way.

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