Attracting Customers With Safety Measures or Making Things Cheap Grouse Mountain

Attracting Customers With Safety Measures or Making Things Cheap Grouse Mountain

I was recently reading how one of the attractions here at Grouse Mountain has re-opened in the midst of this pandemic where certain protocols have been placed such as when you are taking the sky ride up to the mountain everyone will have to wear masks and use some hand sanitizers. This should make people feel more comfortable in visiting the area as once you are up in the mountain the outdoor environment should technically be less risky to spread any viruses.

I suppose not many people are still eager to head back. So with that it seems like they have started a promotion where until the end of the month they are giving away free tickets to the first 100 people who register each day at around 6am. This is about a $25 savings from the regular price. What it made me think of is if people are terrified still to go to your business that requires some kind of indoor traveling would you invest more in safety procedures to attract people or simply make the price very cheap or free per se in certain situations?

Just as an example, if you had a supermarket would you think investing in thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and procedures such as high tech thermal cameras to give people the sense safety would bring in more business or simply go with the basic security measures such as wearing a mask and then making your items extremely cheap? To me I think the basic safety precautions and a competitive pricing structure will probably do better.

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