Assuming It Is An Accredited School

Assuming It Is An Accredited School

Such a funny scenario today. Essentially there was a person who blatantly took some copyrighted work from another where he then placed it into his own project without permission. As you can imagine the original owners were not too happy. When the person was confronted they seemed like they tried to sound like they knew what they were doing such as claiming they weren’t making a profit so it should be okay to take other people’s work.

As a result people then investigated the person’s educational background and the first thing that was noticed was that his resume stated he went to a University and studied business. So that was a bit confusing why someone with that type of an educational background would be so naive in this case. It wasn’t until someone mentioned that the University was actually a private business and not an accredited school. It just so happens that the name of the business has the word university in it.

As you can imagine the fees for the school are incredibly high. I was just thinking how the education the person received seemed to have benefited the business more than himself as a mistake like that could have gotten him in a lot of trouble if the situation was more serious with a larger company. It also makes me wonder too how many people actually research say the schools that people put down on their resumes as like in this example many people didn’t even know what this “University” was all about as it’s almost like blindly just trusting the label at first. I suppose in many ways that is what a business like this relies upon too.

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