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Asking Students To Do Weddings For Free

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Often when it comes to things like weddings it can get very expensive as people get into the debate on whether or not it’s worth it to spend tens of thousands of dollars for essentially a one day party that you could invest in say a house for your family. What I have noticed a lot recently due to the ease of posting classified ads on various websites are couples who are seeking for people to essentially be the photographer and videographer for their wedding for very cheap or nothing at all. The pitch is that they can get work experience this way.

This would probably normally cost a couple over two thousand dollars easy. But it makes you wonder, do you think it is right to get people to try and work for free in these cases just for the “experience” per se? It’s just my opinion of course, but it seems a little exploitative. This reminds me of a person who mentioned before that he wanted to hire an employee but had no money. So instead his idea was to hire someone as a student intern of sort with the promise that they can get work experience. Again, to me that feels wrong. Especially in a case where since the guy’s business wasn’t that established the student wouldn’t get that great of a resume piece.

Or would you see this as simply a fair trade of sort? To me personally it’s taking advantage of like the student. Unless whatever it is they are working on will definitely give them instant credibility in their field due to the fact that it is with an established business as an example. Or in the case of the wedding if you were doing things such as providing them with crazy gear they could only dream of working with at the moment then to me that would sound more like a fair exchange in terms of “experience” per se.

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