Asking People for Stuff They Don’t Need
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Asking People for Stuff They Don’t Need

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This was neat to see and made me wonder why more people don’t do it. Basically there was a couple that was moving to a new home and furnishing it is one of the big expenses. If you were to buy a bunch of new furniture and appliance it could mean going into debt for many. Instead, they just openly asked friends and family if they had anything that they don’t really use anymore which would be useful for them.

As it turned out people offered to give away appliances such as blenders or even things like chairs and sofas. Not only that, but once people knew they were looking they would also ask other people if they knew others that want to get rid of stuff as well. All this just by putting it out there that they are willing to accept help and donations. Does it just feel too much like a burden for people to ask?

I know for myself I would be more than happy to giveaway stuff that I barely ever use if I knew someone could make great use of it. People just need to ask more.

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