Asking For Permission To Advertise A Company

Asking For Permission To Advertise A Company

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I was thinking the other day where I was wrapping up a project with a person and I wanted to acknowledge him publicly so people can contact him if they wanted his help in the future. This made me think as in the process of choosing someone to work with there were actually a lot of people to choose from where many of them simply spammed their company and services to me on various public platforms. As a result I actually blacklisted everyone that did that. This person though asked if I would actually like more information as he felt he could help with what I needed. Then he asked for permission to send me the details.

Simply because of that I ended up taking this person more seriously over others and is eventually who I went with. For myself it just shows a lot of consideration for others when people try and make sure whether or not it is appropriate in these cases. It would be the equivalent to just business pitching someone when they are having dinner at a restaurant without any consideration if it would be appropriate or not.

I know for myself I always try and make sure whether or not it is appropriate to in a sense post advertisements in specific places. Otherwise as well it reminds me of people who post spam advertisements in comment sections of news article that have no relevance to the topic. Some consideration can go a long way.

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