Asking For The Early Sale Works At Times
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Asking For The Early Sale Works At Times

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For a lot of places here the big sale day is going to be on the 26th of this month which is right after Christmas. Traditionally this meant people had to line up in-stores to get a deal. Nowadays a ton of companies start their sale online on the 24th instead as they recognize this way people can do their shopping before the holiday and not have to worry about it after.

But one interesting thing that not many people do is that for a lot of companies they will actually honor those online sale prices at the store if you just ask. For example, I knew quite a few people who wanted to buy this computer monitor that was on sale now online but they would rather get it at the store. Sure enough, they simply asked the manger if they could get it at that price and they honored it. Simple as that huh?

In many ways that’s good if you are buying gifts too as you are getting the heavily discounted prices before Christmas day too. It never hurts to ask.

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