Asking Bargain Hunters Before You Make a Big Purchase
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Asking Bargain Hunters Before You Make a Big Purchase

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Recently a person came up to me saying how she got a great deal on a blender as the store was advertising it as $10 off. When she told me about the price and the item, I immediately knew that it wasn’t really a deal at all as most places sold the item for the same sale price she paid for. Afterwards, I quickly showed her some examples and how I even had coupons that could knock off 20% off the item. She was surprised of course and promptly went to return the item to the store since it didn’t have a price match policy.

This got me curious though as to why she didn’t ask around ahead of time if people knew of any good deals before making the big purchase. It’s almost like for many asking others for help in finding deals is equivalent to asking someone to help you tie your shoelace. Basically, it’s like it makes people feel non independent I guess you can say. Even for myself I always look for others to tell me about good deals as there is no way I can keep track of everything. At the same time, everyone is naturally more interested in certain things where they would naturally be more updated with prices in those categories.

Don’ be afraid to ask your bargain hunting pals for good deals ahead of time. From my experience too, people usually love to share great deals as many times they often go to waste simply they don’t know anyone who actually needs the product or service. Sharing is caring.

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