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Are Calendars Still On Your Shopping List?

Today I got an e-mail from a store advertising how since it is almost the new years that means people need to buy new calendars for their home or office. Of course, they were having a sale for it.


I was thinking though, are there a lot of people who actually still buy traditional calendars as part of their shopping needs? I know for myself almost everything that has a clock has a calendar as well such as the computer and the smart phone. At the same time, it seems like even if I don’t try everyone such as real estate agents and local businesses send out calendars to everyone in the area for free. So with all that it is kind of hard to justify spending like $15 for one at the house.

At this point for me a calendar is more for the sake of a collectible such as having specially themed one from an event. Even then it’s usually free too.

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