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Anticipating Safety Issues With Your Products

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So I was reading the news recently that one of the trends that teens are doing is that they are taking these laundry detergent packs called Tide Pods where they attempt to eat it. Yes, you heard me right. The assumption is that they do it for attention of course and this has gotten some places to advice parents to not even buy these products in general.

Kind of shows the important at times where when you release a product it can be good to anticipate ways that people may misuse it where it can become a safety concern. Like here the criticism for the company was that maybe they should make the packages less colorful and appealing for people to think it’s some kind of candy as well.

This reminded me on how for those Nintendo Switch Cartridges the company actually put something on it in an effort to make it taste disgusting should a child put it in their mouth. A lot of adults apparently tested it out and agreed it was gross to the point where they don’t want to do it anymore. That’s a good example of thinking ahead I felt. You just never know what people will do with the stuff you create.

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