Another Year and More Opportunities To Come
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Another Year and More Opportunities To Come

2005 felt like it went by pretty fast, but as always there was a lot to do and learn. I think the theme for me in the year 2005 was generosity as I went out of my way to help a lot of close friends and family members financially. While I enjoy helping others in anyway that I can, I just hope that I didn’t spoil anyone where they would take what I have given them for granted and hence becoming more reliant on others rather than changing themselves to live the lifestyle that they want.

I have also been having a lot of fun writing this blog and the visitor base has gotten fairly high last year. With that also came with some growing pains as the amount of blog spam I am receiving is going through the roof. This actually gives me an idea for the year 2006 that I may try which I think will divert spammers to a more constructive form of advertising and at the same time aid me to reduce all the junk mail. I think interactivity may be another feature I may try as it would be interesting to talk to and answer questions that my visitors may have. Who knows, there are probably thousands of other money saving and making opportunities out there that I have yet to explore and this may be a good way to help publicly screen them out in terms of its viability and legitimacy.

Happy New Year everyone and hopefully 2006 will be a year to remember for everyone.

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