AMD Charging Higher Prices For Ryzen 5000 Thought

AMD Charging Higher Prices For Ryzen 5000 Thought

Today there was some pretty big announcements from the company AMD as it unveiled its newest 5000 Ryzen processor line up. For years Intel had reigned supreme and AMD was constantly treated more as the cheaper brand from most consumers. That has changed rapidly recently as Intel seemed to have gotten caught off guard where AMD’s offerings has leapfrogged them to the point that many are converting.

That was the interesting thing where people assumed the products would still be cheaper in price while maintaining that advantage of having the better product. That’s not the case as it seemed like a lot of its products went up by about $50. So not only are they offering the best, but they want to price it as such as well even though they didn’t have to.

You can’t blame a business for wanting to maximize profits when they have momentum. However, with that said I do wonder if it would have been smarter to stick with the cheaper price point to give its competition the final blow per se as that would guarantee in many ways that one will get a large percentage of the market share. Almost like being able to offer an awesome electric car that is cheaper than a gas one but you choose not to because you can make more. Would it be better in that case to focus on getting more of the mass majority to use your products first?

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