Amazon Cancelling Prime Day Canada

Amazon Cancelling Prime Day Canada

I was reading today how when it came to Amazon’s yearly sales event they decided to cancel it here in Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions. They actually did continue with it in the US and at first they simply said they were delaying it in Canada. So in cancelling it I had to wonder if they felt that they were so big that they don’t need the Canadian market.

Apparently Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, went into space today which was a milestone and that is probably a higher priority for him. As well, it makes me think of the point I mentioned the other day on whether or not you should always try and be better and offer new things even though it looks like business is going fine. I could imagine here many people would see that as they aren’t important enough to consider which would mean less company loyalty as a consumer.

I suppose for bargain hunters though it usually just comes down to who has the best deals and there is always a sale happening somewhere.

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