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Always Finding More Places With Affordable Grocery Deals

It’s almost like a simple lifestyle habit for me where if I find myself going to an area that I don’t normally visit for a meeting or gathering I like to see if I can find places that have good prices for groceries. As I have shown many times, the prices can be dramatically different compared to the larger supermarkets.

That theme seemed to have continued as I visited some independent/small grocery stores in the area. Example, two packages of grapes $2.49? These are like two pound boxes too. At the supermarkets you would usually see these for like $3 for one.


Six limes or five lemons for 99 cents? I had a person tell me that she spent like 30 cents for a lime the other day as an example.


There were quite a few other examples too, but the main point is how much less you can find groceries for if you look around various communities.



I did notice this place spelled “Kale” wrong. For 79 cents each though, I think most people would forgive the obviously lack of investment the presentation aspect for a better deal. Unless this is some genetically created vegetable I am unaware of.


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