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You Are Always Being Evaluated So Remain Consistent

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You Are Always Being Evaluated So Remain Consistent

An interesting scenario came up the other day that actually made me think of the idea of consistency that many people say that you must have to be successful. I was basically doing my regular routine such as working hard on various projects. Since I am self-managing you don’t exactly have another person to constantly make sure you are doing your best as you have to find that desire to do so yourself.

I didn’t expect any big companies or anything to be paying attention as an example but that didn’t stop me from working as if there are a thousand people being ready to evaluate the stuff I do. Wouldn’t you know apparently there were some big organizations that were paying attention and it was a delightful surprise to discover this as they gave me some feedback.

Like there in many ways I guess as they say consistency really is a key factor in a lot of cases as you just never know who may be paying attention and when. Almost like showing up for any job it’s kind of silly to only try your best when like the boss comes in. Even in those cases I have often seen the people who are the most consistent usually get the best results for growth.

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