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Allowing People To Choose A Method of Contact And Payment or Do It All

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Recently I made a purchase where it was being delivered and since it was an imported purchase I would have to pay taxes on it. No big deal as I was expecting to pay the delivery guy as he came. The funny thing was I missed a phone call and it was from the shipping company where it left me an automated message to phone in and call them in order to pay the invoice. I actually didn’t even hear this before the delivery guy came and I just paid him through the portable card.

I was then thinking how not every company actually gives customers the option ahead of time on how they would like to be contacted in these cases where instead they just do everything as one of them must work so to speak. For myself I would have probably just asked them to give me a web based notification and make a payment that way. It would have saved them time from making the phone call and the guy having to do the transaction on the spot.

Which one would you think is more cost effective? Allowing the person to choose from the start or go down a chain of methods where if one fails then go to the next? I would imagine in this case too the company probably has never updated its system for a very long time as they haven’t seen the need to. Makes me wonder how much if any money they could save though by eliminating unnecessary steps like these.

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