Allowing A Deal To Slide
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Allowing A Deal To Slide

financial literacy

I recently got this offer to purchased any music items from a store for 50% off with the only stipulation being that the coupon expires in about two months. Basically, if I don’t use the coupon then it’s gone. It explicitly says too that the coupon is non transferable and so basically I would personally have to use it. The thing is I really don’t currently need anything from the place. This isn’t a consumer oriented item either as it is meant more for commercial purposes and the item would be tied to an existing product that I already own.

I was then thinking if it came down to it would I really just let it slide? From what I see, I could save like $100 using this coupon where ultimately I could get something I was thinking about. But again, that’s still money spent that I wouldn’t have anyways. It’s just kind of a let down to essentially throw away a good deal. But I guess this is those times where you simply have to say no as if you don’t need it then don’t get it despite how much of a good deal it is.

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