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All These Apps And Planning For The New Years

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I guess I should be just focusing in relaxing for the new years, but getting this new phone made me want to research all the options available on how I can better streamline some of my work on the road. As well, some of the devices that I don’t really need to carry anymore as a result of the features available in this.

I think the biggest thing is exploring all these apps that you can download. While many of them are free, a lot of them cost money. Of course as usual I opted to look at all the free options first and thus far I don’t see anything that I would need to pay money for. Maybe it is a little too early, but another thought that was immediately circling my mind is finding a way to do something in that app market such as creating a project and seeing how well it would do.

Another thing that was crossing my mind is although my new phone plan has unlimited calling to anywhere in Canada and the US I never really had any immediate plans to use those features as it was just included. This makes me wonder if I should find something in order to utilize this free feature. Would be kind of funny if I told people that they could use my phone and call to a long distance area for one cent a minute or something along those lines.

One thing that I couldn’t really find at the moment was a good voice to text software as I can imagine that would help immensely as oppose to trying to type out long paragraphs with the on screen keyboard. All in all, it feels like I made the switch at the right time. Only a few hours away to the new years.

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