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All That News About The Facebook IPO

I’m sure pretty much everyone has been reading about Facebook’s IPO today. From what I gather it feels like it didn’t live up to the hype compared to say when a company like Google went public. I never had the knowledge to venture into things like this as I would imagine it must be like gambling in many ways not knowing really when to buy or sell your shares. The only time I have literally owned shares in a company was through my employment for a company as it was simply a benefit for working with them.

Funny thing was you get all these fancy reports and all that ironically I never read as my inclination was to always try and find third party feedback about the business to see how it was doing in the eye of the general public as I felt working in there was enough to tell me what is really happening inside versus what someone in a suit wanted me to believe. With this Facebook IPO it seems like most of the talk is that if they want to make their money that is going to mean that they are going to have to annoy their users more in some way such as finding more ways to throw advertisements at people.

Too bad I don’t know anyone personally who has invested in this as it would be fun to see their thinking and research process to see when they are comfortable in keeping stakes in the company and when they would want to bail out.

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