Adjusting Your Time Schedules To Save Money
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Adjusting Your Time Schedules To Save Money

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Today I was taking the public transit with a friend and we decided to hang around the downtown core for awhile as if we were able to wait for like one hour the fees actually become cheaper. For him he would be saving almost two dollars. The interesting thing is when we walked to the station we still had like 15 minutes to wait out before the discounted rate takes effect. As a result he mentioned that he wanted to go to a restaurant to grab a coffee. That coffee was like one dollar so in total by waiting he still saved like one dollar technically.

I would say for the majority of people that’s usually how money is managed where even though you save a lot through one action people normally spend it right away on something else. But another thing about this was how you can kind of see that by adjusting your lifestyle a little you can end up getting more things for your money as well. I would kind of relate this the same to like adjusting your travel routines based on the time of day. Example, one hour earlier in the morning can be the difference between an empty road and a busy one.

It sounds so simple in many ways huh? Don’t forget even like supermarkets can often sell things for a lot cheaper during different times of the day too.

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