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Adding A Holiday Themed Item To A Non Related Holiday Item

dji drone valentines day

This advertisement kind of caught my attention in an odd way. Valentine’s Day is coming up and that usually means lots of chocolates as gifts, special cards or even heart shaped art. So this was really odd as I saw a company advertising its high tech gear such as drones for a Valentine’s Day themed sale. In this case it looked like it came with a Ferrero Rocher gift box chocolate as part of the purchase to essentially turn it into a Valentine’s Day themed gift. Does it work in your mind?

I must admit that this is going further than what I am used to seeing as most technology type of stores just design specific advertisements graphically to cater to the holiday theme. I don’t know if it would convince me that this would be a good gift for the theme of the holiday though unless you knew the person was specifically into that stuff. Something about most people opening up like say a smartphone stabilizer on Valentine’s Day would feel a little odd still.

Then again, they say this holiday In particular was invented by retailers to sell stuff anyways. So in the end does it really matter I guess?

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