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Adding All Free Video And App Offer To Your Account

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I was thinking the other day that for whatever reason I just felt like watching this old cartoon called Dragon Ball Z as it was one of the shows I watched as a kid. Maybe it’s just all this pandemic stuff where sometimes you just want to reflect and relax with stuff that is a bit nostalgic. The good thing was I didn’t have to pay money for it as years ago Microsoft had a special offer where you could add it to your Microsoft account for free.

I did indeed do that where even though back then I didn’t think I would be watching it for the sake of time turns out that was a good move now. This is very relevant for today as tons of companies are offering free games and videos in Android and Apple stores as an example. This gives you ownership of the products for life.

Who knows when you may find it useful and it’s free. You really have nothing to lose as even if you don’t install them you can simply add them to your account to redeem whenever you wish. It’s at least one good spiff during this pandemic with more companies offering free entertainment.

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