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Actually Making Sure The Item Is Broken

The other day I heard a funny story where a person decided to buy a new tablet because the one he was using was broken. Apparently it wouldn’t start up even after charging it for a few hours. To him it was fine though as it gave him an excuse to buy a better modern day version. He then gave the broken tablet to a friend who actually enjoyed trying to fix stuff. Wouldn’t you know it, the tablet actually worked perfectly fine.

It appeared there was something wrong with it where it was simply the power button getting stuck in a weird angle for whatever reason where pressing it wouldn’t go all the way through. After wiggling it a bit the tablet was able to start up as normal. Hardware wise everything was okay. Can you imagine if the person just decided to recycle it? It makes you think how many times maybe the things you assume are broken are actually still functioning.

That’s why it’s great to have a friend or family that knows a lot about a topic to have a look before making any quick decisions like that. There are just so many times even from my experience where people told me the item was broken but it was just something really silly such as the device not being plugged in.

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