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Actively Giving Away Stuff Instead of Wasting It

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Recently when I visited a community garden there was a person who was glad to see me as I usually drop by for fun to capture some aerial videos of the land that he gets to see. When I bumped into him he was picking out a bunch of raspberries and afterwards asked if I wanted any. I said it was okay as I would rather have him enjoy the fruits of his labor as they say but then he mentioned how he has so many.

I was then looking around at some other lots and how people had all these fruits and vegetable that were going bad because no one picked them. When I thought about it more there are times where people wouldn’t even give them away because the mindset is they would rather not give things for free as they don’t want to see someone else benefiting from their effort.

In cases like these though it only makes sense to give stuff away that you will end up wasting anyways. If you think about it that can be an excellent way to build rapport with people and communities too which is ultimately important if you are a local business. I know many people say you need to be ruthless in business to survive where it should be all about you. But I don’t think that means you should forget that if you have the resources to give that can impact others greatly then it just sounds like the right thing to do.

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