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Acknowledging A Mistake In Judging Talent or Not In Business

Today I had an odd encounter as I was talking to a person who I worked with a long time ago. At the time I agreed to work with him in trying to get work on various projects. He was essentially supposed to be my agent of sorts if you want to call it that. However, it seemed like at the time he didn’t really see much in me in terms of potential and for the most part didn’t dedicate a lot of time for me. As a result I decided to make a business decision and to try and find a better fit.

It ended up being a good choice as I found myself getting more opportunities. Everything was done professionally too with no animosity or anything. So today when I bumped into this person the usual talk of how things are going came along. Funny enough he assumed I wasn’t doing the same stuff back then as again he didn’t really have much confidence in me. Then I was telling him the things I have worked on and that’s when it got odd as he quickly didn’t want to believe it in many ways it seems.

To me no one can predict the future so I didn’t care about the past in that sense. It did get me wondering though on one wouldn’t just celebrate the person’s success even if they misjudged their potential to see what they have become today. Even in business you could always build another bridge right? I suppose many see it as a sign of weakness or something but to me it’s just a loss of potential opportunity by doing so. Things can change dramatically as times goes on. So adapting and embracing these kinds of things can be good I feel.

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