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Achieving The Same Goal With People Hating

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This was kind of funny as the other day I randomly stumbled upon these videos of a person on Youtube who appeared to simply comment on other people’s videos. Apparently the quality of the videos are so bad to many people that they take the time to flood her with negative remarks while trying to rate the video with a low score. The irony? She is making a lot of money out of it as one way or another she is still getting attention from people.

The thing that makes me wonder is if she deliberately planned it this way or not. But that should get you thinking where if you are always wondering the best ways to get people to like you for the sake of building an audience that many times your “haters” can be just as effective in helping you to establish yourself. Kind of reminds me of those wrestling shows where I heard a person say that if the audience keeps booing you as you are the “bad guy” that is still good as at least they care enough to want to hate that character and all.

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