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Accidentally Receiving Sensitive Business E-mails

This was very awkward today as I was communicating with a person about a project and in their response there was a message about him discussing his conflict with another person in regards to the type of title and credit he would receive and what his situation is with his investors. To me, he clearly accidentally sent this particular message either from clicking reply on the wrong e-mail or he copied and pasted the wrong text.

I was kind of stunned at first and wondered what I should do. In the end, I sent a reply saying how I believe they sent the message to the wrong person. The funny thing was they never replied to that and instead wanted to pretend it never happened. Very awkward situation I must say. It makes me wonder if I should have simply pretended that I never saw it and just delete it for example. Another factor too I was thinking on why they didn’t want to respond was that it would acknowledge they did make an error and that could mean the difference between a person having a job or not.

First time for everything I suppose as I am sure other people have experienced the same but received even more business sensitive messages.

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