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A Valentine’s Day Without Any Shopping

vanlentines day marshmallow heart

With so many shutdowns and gathering restrictions here I noticed as I walked by various restaurants and retails stores that most places were almost dead as expected. They say Valentine ’s Day is a retail invented holiday and that didn’t seem to favour businesses. But what I did notice is how more people created simple digital Valentine cards or simply hung out virtually with people. There were businesses that took advantage of that such as holding speed dating events online.

But that got me thinking, was not spending money really that bad for people. In most cases it seemed like couples were grateful and were more understanding because of the situation. But it kind of makes you wonder why one wouldn’t have that mindset on a regular basis huh? On a regular day people would be pressured to spend money otherwise one would be labeled as cheap or not caring. With this year it’s more about just putting some thought into something.

In that sense it makes me wonder if at the end of all this if people will maintain the current mentality of what to do for the day even if it costs no money. Or when things go back to normal will people still expect others to spend money?

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