A Stroll Through A Dollar Store Before Making A Purchase
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A Stroll Through A Dollar Store Before Making A Purchase

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Last week I accidentally left my umbrella in an area after doing some work where I assume it is gone by now. Therefore, today I decided to buy a new umbrella as the news is calling for rain tomorrow. The regular price for them at most stores seemed to be like ten dollars plus which in some ways seems like a lot to me. These aren’t large ones either as they are compact. Usually in these instances when I think something is too expensive I decide to visit a dollar store type of business to see what they have there.

Sure enough, as I went into one of the stores I noticed they were selling compact umbrellas as well except the price was two dollars and fifty cents. Now granted you could argue that the quality is much different which may very well be the case. However, I find that you should make it a habit once in a while to stroll through “cheap” stores like these as a way to maintain a good database of prices in your head. At times too, the price difference makes me curious in researching why one product is so much cheaper than the other. It’s not odd to find out that there is no difference many times where another store is simply capitalizing on the less shopping savvy crowd.

It can also really make you think how it can be silly to pay so much for certain things such as stationary items at some stores when you see how little you can get it for.

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