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A Smart Consumer or A Dumb Shopper

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I was watching this segment about food labels today and how for the most part a lot of the health claims on packages are more for marketing purposes. Not too surprising overall. What stood out to me was the comment that labelled people into categories where you are either a consumer or a shopper. In general, it was implied that a consumer is someone who actually researches about products whereas shoppers mostly buy in the moment. Therefore, catchy phrases and labels is what shoppers go by.

While suppose it’s a blunt way to put it, being a “consumer” is what everyone should do. If we can spend so much extra time knowing all the characters and details of our favorite TV shows then surely spending time to learn about the things you buy should be more of a priority. There is just no escaping the notion that many times companies tell you what you want to hear simply to get your business.

I mention all the time that the notion of saving money for oneself usually isn’t enough to get people motivated to find the best deals. Knowing that you are potentially being taken advantage of seems to trigger action in most though. So hopefully this will add some extra motivation for people to want to research the things they buy which will ultimately lead to better valued purchases for your hard earned dollars.

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