A Lot of Responsibility When You Have A Voice

A Lot of Responsibility When You Have A Voice

I saw an interesting scenario today of a site where its main purpose is to review businesses and as well connect people to these business. Essentially, they apparently do a vigorous screening process to ensure that they aren’t recommending people to do business with companies that have a lot of complaints or are not reputable. Unfortunately in this case they didn’t do as thorough of a job and went ahead to simply promote the business. Of course, they learned later that the company wasn’t what they thought.

I am imagining how many people trusted the business based on their initial thumbs up. As well, it made me think how all of us who have a public voice also has a lot of responsibility to make sure that what we say is good is indeed just that. In many ways it’s no different than giving out referrals in business as you don’t want to knowingly recommend people to see a business that is going to potentially dupe the person for example.

Even for myself I get a lot of requests from companies wanting to do a “guest post” or to talk about whatever product or service they are offering for money. Funny enough, usually I say that the stipulation is that I get to ask the business questions which I will publicly post as well. Sure enough, till this date virtually every company runs away after. In my opinion, it’s just something that you need to do when you are in that type of position. I know everyone should be responsible for their own situations in the end, but at least you can do the due diligence to make sure you are giving the best transparent opinion

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