A Hobby With A Business Approach

A Hobby With A Business Approach

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Recently I had a hobby that I have been doing mainly for fun with a bunch of people where funny it enough it seemed to have grown to the point where it generated commercial interest. This then made us all think on how maybe we can create something bigger if we actually took it more seriously in a business way.

As strange as it sounds, for this hobby we always approached in in a structural way due to the fact that it required us to compete with other people for fun. Everything from organizing schedules to getting people to publish work it had business feel to it. I guess you can say all this organization made it look professional where the commercial opportunities then kind of simply came.

This reminds me of other things too where many people say if you want to make a living out of it then you have to start treating it like a business. This doesn’t mean you need to start making money out of your activity per se at the start but rather the way you plan and envision how things should work out is similar. Going to be interesting to see how this turns out.

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