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A Good Deal That Is Still Too Expensive

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So I decided to look at that shopping channel stuff that I mentioned the other day. I looked at what this big sale was supposed to be for and interesting enough it was for a high end blender. Apparently the original price for this Vitamix blender is supposed to be like $795 and the sale price is now $579.


I was thinking I guess the savings sounds pretty significant and I was in the market for something like that. However, that price tag is simply too high I felt. I feel in these cases I don’t understand the product and its benefits enough to justify the price tag as I know a lot of people would normally just accept the fact that if it is priced that high then it must be good. In my mind, all I know is that I would be blending some basic stuff and at a price that high makes it seem weird.  Maybe someone else who was looking for a deal on this specific product will want to buy it instead.

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