A Gig Worker Receiving EI Types of Benefits
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A Gig Worker Receiving EI Types of Benefits

With the CERB about to end soon for many the government here announced a plan where gig workers will receive EI type of benefits which almost makes it feel like you are working at a regular stable job. That’s an interesting thought as not too long ago people would be apprehensive of the idea of doing gig work as their full time career choice. But nowadays that might not be a bad option such as doing side technical or creative work from home for various companies.

With that said, there are still a ton of people apprehensive about it where it seems like the reason is still the same as it offers no job security. I think as this pandemic shows nothing is really immune to the idea of job security. If anything doing gig work can help broaden your potential opportunities to not be reliant on one source of income. It could even make you better at managing finance where you are in many ways forced to stay on top with your finance since you are responsible in the end to manage all expense and income for the tax season.

I think either way it’s better than doing nothing if your original line of work doesn’t seem to be returning anytime soon. Especially now here in Canada if this rolls out as advertised you can expect the benefits of being a gig worker to only improve where it’s a very viable option to make a living just like any other traditional job.

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