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A Different Color Google Adsense Cheque

I got this Google Adsense cheque in the mail today and it was kind of interesting that it was in a different color. Normally they are in a green and white tone style and this time it looks like it has been changed to more of a brown theme as you can see here:

It took awhile longer to get this as I was experimenting a bit with different CPC programs to see which one generated the best results. For one reason or another Adsense seems to do better. A good thing about this payment too is how the Canadian dollar is below the US dollar again as you all know and as a result this cheque for $100.19 is actually going to translate to more funds once it is converted to Canadian funds.

But as usual, for simplicity I will just tally it up as is on the cheque in regards to the total so far:

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $601.37
Million Dollar Term: $100
Affiliate Sales: $91.01
Free Money and Credits: $100
Loose Change Savings: $209.23

Total: $1901.61

So just about $98.39 before I hit $2000. Maybe I’ll get a surprised payment somewhere before the end of the year.

Comments to A Different Color Google Adsense Cheque

  • respected sir

    please give tips to earn in google adsense, I have started with my blogsite

    murugavel s 12/2/2008 5:28 am
  • murugavel s,

    Anything in particular you want to learn about?

    Alan Yu 12/2/2008 10:21 am
  • Dear Friends. How can I cancel my Google Ad Sense account and start all over again?
    I have already Gogle Ad Sense Ads on my web site but I do earn any money. Any suggestions how to make readers click on my google ad sense Ads?..

    Moneymaker 10/23/2009 12:14 pm

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