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A Coupon That Can’t Be Applied To Almost Anything

In the process of trying to find a good deal for a blender I discovered that there was a store that constantly gave out coupons where people could get 20% off a single purchase in-store.  I figured that would be a pretty good discount to maybe get an item now.  However, upon looking at the coupon there was so many fine prints as you can see here:



For the most part, it seems like this coupon excludes the ability to buy most of the well-known brands and manufacturers.  It almost makes you wonder what the point in these types of coupons are then.  Business wise it usually tells me that either these products are in high demand where this is where the business makes its money or that the margin on these brands or items are usually very small where they would essentially be making no money if they allowed the discount.

If anything it is a good way to evaluate a sale where if you see those particular items go on sale then there is a good chance that it really is a good deal.

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