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Taking Business Risks of Sort As A Child

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This was an interesting thought today as my nephew was telling how he wanted to be a composer when he grows up but apparently many people in the family were discouraging him on that saying how it’s not stable form of income. When he said that to me my first reaction was he should just create stuff for fun and put it out there as he has a ton of time to discover what he eventually wants to do. As strange as it sounds that got into a conversation about working a 9-5 job versus like say an artistic freelance one.

I am kind of surprised when adults don’t encourage kids to take entrepreneurial risks of sorts as there are so many ways to do it with very little risk. Like in this case one could easily use so many social media works to share their music creations and get feedback of sorts to see what it is like to show your work to the world. Who knows what can happen in a positive way too as a result.

I have also read so many stories of high school students as an example actually running their own e-commerce business because the technology is there to enable them to do so. Why not teach the child to utilize the competitive advantages they have nowadays? Especially if it’s a business risk of sort with very little consequence it can be a great way to learn about being an entrepreneur too.

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