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$100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet Makes You Wonder

$100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet

At first I was wondering if this was a joke but at the same time wouldn’t be surprised if there was such a thing. In this case apparently there is a Louis Vuitton toilet that looks like it is covered in gold with a theme that looks like some kind of designer bag comes out to be a whopping $100,000. At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if people are buying it.

Just makes you think if you were like the richest person on earth and money is no obstacle would you buy something like this? I would imagine for myself I would feel like I am being suckered by someone who wants to make a lot of money off of me. Unless that toilet did something crazy such as clean itself 24/7 I would probably be always reminded on how much effort and discipline it took to be debt free and all where spending money like that just seems weird.

Would you think items like these are even more of a reason to embrace having at least some kind of background or experience in being poor per se where odds are you tend to be more conscious about not wanting to do crazy things to go back there?

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