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Your Home As Your Walk In Business

I was reading a lot of examples today on how people have transformed portions of their homes into businesses where people would actually go in. For example, a small home based restaurant or a consulting firm. In many ways it makes sense as it will probably save you so much money instead of having to rent some space. I was even thinking the other day when I went to a dentist as the person’s office space was literally just one chair and the room is probably about the size of a bedroom. Even I was wondering why they didn’t just try to transform a part of their house to accommodate it.

Apparently the biggest issue is the fear people have where all your customers and clients now know where you live. Because of this privacy issue, they would rather keep the business separate. Fair enough I suppose. At the same time, if it meant saving like $1000+ a month you could almost re-invest that and simply add some better security options for your home. It would sure make the daily commute better too where that in itself will create savings as well.

This would definitely not work for a high volume business like a supermarket or retail store of course. But if you are a small business that is looking to save money then why not?

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