Younger And Older Crowd of Gift Shopping
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Younger And Older Crowd of Gift Shopping

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Today is Mother’s Day and I am sure most people have been surprising their mom with gift and celebration. This year I saw many gifts that consisted of sentimental value such as people creating videos for their parents. Not surprisingly, it seemed to be a favorite in the gift department. Financially speaking, it is probably the less valued gift, but overall it was probably one of the more meaningful and cherished one.

It’s funny as usually if you give these kinds of gifts to kids or even young adults people would get labelled as being cheap where as a result people spend money for the sake of not wanting to be labelled as such. Or is it dependent on the occasion? For example, if it was the person’s birthday does that change things where items like a video would be considered cheap?

I ask that as I remember where there were even times I suggested that a couple as an example can do sentimental things like this if they are truly tight on a budget only to have some people say that is still considered cheap and they would want to see the other person spend some money. I guess it’s about life experience as I would imagine for people like moms they value the time more. Therefore, putting your thought and time into gifts can truly be better in every way.

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