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A Yearly Pass Fee That You May or May Not Use The Value Of

I was planning to do some hiking tomorrow and for this location you are actually forced to pay for a ride back down the mountain. The fee to do so is about ten dollars. This got me thinking as the annual pass is about one hundred and thirty dollars. So at minimum I would have to go morn thirteen times to reap the savings benefit of an annual pass. That sounds like a lot as the most I have gone to this place is maybe three times a year.

However, the group I was going with mentioned that they actually wanted to see another attraction up in the mountain as well. Having this pass apparently gets you a discount there too. So it got me thinking, would it be better to get this annual pass? Not only that, but I recently discovered I had other friends who may want to hike more for exercise and this place is usually good for that. But the risk is still there where I may not use it enough to make it worth it. At the same time, I would feel silly if I did end up going more only to not make the wiser investment.

My other option I was thinking of financially is that I would simply get it and either way I will use the value of it by going more than usual. It doesn’t sound like much money in the big picture, but I feel one should often make logical choices financially in these cases. Otherwise it is too easy to buy things like a gym membership where they start to add up.

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